A few years ago I was shopping for a condo. I went to an Open House which Amy was hosting. I was impressed with the way she presented the property. Her style was informal, relaxed, and super informative. I ended up buying a different condo, not the one she was selling, but she left an impression on me so I saved her card.Three years later I found myself working in Vancouver full time, so I had to sell my Kelowna home. I dug out Amy’s card and gave her a call. Best move I ever made. She came over to view the place. The more we chatted, and the more questions I threw at her, the more her vast experience shined through.Once I decided to hire Amy as my Realtor, she got the ball rolling, fast. What a partner! She gave me great simple advice of what to do to showcase my advantages (mostly a matter of removing some excess furniture and art to highlight the spaciousness.) She proposed a listing price that was actually a little higher than I expected. I doubted we would get that amount, but my GF later said to me, Let Amy list it at that price and see what she can do.Wow. Eight days later we got the right offer, and took it. I never thought this process could be so easy. Thanks Amy!-Andrew & Deedee