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Royal LePage Kelowna Real Estate Report for June 2021

The real estate market in the Okanagan continues to race along at near-historic rates, creating a selling climate not seen in more than 30 years. Some homeowners are even selling and renting short-term until the market cools down, just to take advantage of the prices. You may have wondered what your house would fetch on the market – now is a great time to find out. We can help you gauge the price of your home to get an idea of what the value might be.

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Royal LePage Kelowna Real Estate Report for May 2021

Maximize your home sale. The temperature is not the only thing
rising in the Okanagan. Home sales
continue at a near-historic rate, with
some homes even going for above
the asking price, as bidders drive
the prices up. With early spring as
the usual peak time for sales, it is
paramount to have a Royal Lepage
REALTOR® in your corner. We
will help you to get the best deal

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